GSSS Charitable Foundation Activities

1. Free Scholarship To Students:
We grant free scholarship to the economically backward children studying in schools/colleges to meet their expenses on uniform, books, tuition fees etc. During Last Fifteen Years, we have disbursed scholarship to as many as 5459 students amounting to a total of Rs. 88.29 Lakhs. During this year we disbursed Rs. 11,44,500/- to 267 students.

Free Scholarship To Students
Free Computer Training To Unemployed Youth & Senior Citizens

2. Free Computer Training To Unemployed Youth & Senior Citizens:
We are imparting job oriented free computer training to unemployed and economically backward students so that they can eke out their livelihood and assist their families. So far we have trained 454 students and helped them in providing employment whenever possible. Due to the dreaded corona pandemic, classes could not be conducted as there were intermittent lockdowns and disruptions. Hence, there were no outgoing students in 2021-2022. However, two batches of a total of 44 students are trained during 2022-23. On completion of the course, Computer training certificates were issued by Sri V M Pai Mamu to successful students today. Sri G G Shenoy, Sri Sharaschandra Baliga and Sri Madhav Rao were present.


3. Pension To Senior Citizen Widows:
We have realized that there are many widows above the age of 60 in hapless condition to whom relief has not reached. We are identifying such widows who are senior citizens needing help and grant them pension of Rs. 1,000/- per month. Presently, we have been paying pension to 33 widows through Bank. We have disbursed Rs. 3.96 Lakhs during this Year. This scheme deserve encouragement from all philanthropists.

Pension To Senior Citizen Widows
Ambulance / Hearse Van

4. Ambulance / Hearse Van:
GSSS Charitable Foundation, Malleswaram has purchased new Ambulance / Hearse van. This is a very noble service. Our main aim is to provide timely service to the members of the Samaj, particularly to the economically backward families in the hours of need. This involves recurring expenditure towards driver’s salary, fuel & maintenance charges of the ambulance. The Ambulance was 20 years old and was in bad condition. We therefore disposed this van and gone for a new ambulance with full fixtures at a cost Rs. 16.23 Lakhs. We have provided service for 95 families during the period 01.04.2022 to 31-03-2023. This service is appreciated by one and all.


5. Sri Varadendra Vastra Vinyaasa Kendra (Free Tailoring School):
In Sweet memory of the centenary Punyathithi of His Holiness Srimad Varadendra Thirta Swamaji, a Tailoring training unit was inaugurated on 25th April 2014 at the Premises of Sri Kashi Math, Malleswaram and the responsibility of managing the school has been taken by The Gowda Saraswath Mahila Vrinda. It is a 3 months tailoring course under the direction of M/s. Singer India Ltd who have donated 7 sewing machines. So far, 74 women have successfully completed the Tailoring Course. Our focus is to train women folk of economically weaker families, so that they can augment their family income. Due to COVID, training could not be given since March 2020. Further, due to renovation of Sri Kashi Math building, where we were holding the classes, the classes have been temporarily suspended and will be started after suitable accommodation is available.

Sri Varadendra Vastra Vinyaasa Kendra (Free Tailoring School)
Free Book Bank. - Shri Sukratheendra Book Bank

6. Free Book Bank. - Shri Sukratheendra Book Bank:
Education has become very expensive these days. To lighten the burden of the Students, we are issuing Text books on returnable basis and circulation for PUC, Degree & Engineering courses. The book bank will help the poor & the needy Students. The free Book Bank was inaugurated by H.H. Srimad Samyameendra Thirtha Swamiji in June 2014. So Far, books worth Rs. 1,18,913/- have been purchased and 137 deserving students were benefitted. Due to COVID and Online Classes, Book Bank could not function.


7. Amulya : - Vocational Centre For Differently abled-adults.
AMULYA was started at Basaweshwar Nagar, Bangalore by Mrs. Vinaya Kini during June 2012 with focus on providing appropriate skills to differently abled children. We have adopted the school by giving them assistance by way of financial support in running the school and also for various school activities.

Amulya : - Vocational Centre For Differently abled-adults
Annadaata Sukhibhava - Annadana Seva

8. Annadaata Sukhibhava - Annadana Seva :-
Whenever we celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries or whenever we feel like helping those under privileged or donate food to the needy & be blessed for their munificence, we search for the source who undertake to do the Service. Under this scheme, we connect those who wish to donate food to orphanages/old age homes etc. that need help. The donor has the satisfaction of donating food to the needy and the beneficiaries have the dual satisfaction of the food and the thought that someone in the society really cares for them. Sumptuous food is served at Sri Siddhashrama Malleshwaram and Sumangali Seva Ashrama, RT Nagar. We had the privilege of distributing food to as many as 34,400 food packets & sweets & 3960 full meals from 01-04-2022 to 31-03-2023 to hungry and needy.

This was possible due to the support of noble donors. We express our sincere gratitude to them for their continuous support. The members of our GSS Samaj, the Caterers & Volunteers of Siddhashrama did yeomen service. The coordination of Sri Prakash Kini & team is commendable.


9. Apatnidhi:
Due to unpredicted cases of COVID-19 & consequent lockdown, the families of poor and daily wages were in distress. To tide over their difficulty we launched “AAPATH NIDHI“ and remitted Rs. 3,000/- to each family in distress. The Distribution was made online to their respective Bank Accounts. During 2021-2022 we disbursed Rs. 8,82,000/- to 294 families in distress ( During 2020-21 we disbursed Rs. 3,84,000/- to 128 families.


10. Youth Development Programme:
We have started training X Std (SSLC) students to prepare for NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAM (NTSE). Last year, we have given intensive 4 months training to 14 students to prepare for the same. All the students have come out with flying colours.


I express my deep sense of gratitude to all my brethren Trustees, Members of Gowda Saraswath Sevak Samaj and host of volunteers who helped us make our dreams come true. I am also grateful to the members of the Bangalore Sri Kashimath Vyavasthapak Samithi for their support & co-operation. I am sure, with your unstinted support we must be able to embark on other projects such as “Vocational Training & Social Transformation programme for youth” and a “Vishranthi Dhama” which we had planned last year.

“Everyone needs help from everyone”. Let us join hands in the service of the lesser privileged in the community in our own humble way.


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