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Posted on 01 Nov 2012 by Administrator

Dear Samaj Bhagini/Bandhava

I am most delighted to write this inaugural letter to you to coincide with the inauguration and setting up of our own interactive website This is a project which has been engaging our attention for a long time and a lot of planning went in to the design of this website.

In this fast changing world and particularly we being located in Bangalore which is known the world over for its IT prowess and particularly in view of the fact that many of the GSB youth in Bangalore are engaged in the technology and related fields, it was felt that providing an interactive forum to our members particularly the youth, was the most urgent need of the hour. I am aware that many such GSB youth and others who constantly relocate to Bangalore are not yet our members. It is my hope and request that such persons would definitely become members and take advantage of this interactive website. We have provided an application form which you can download and fill it up and submit along with the necessary payment to our office.

I list below some of the facilities which this website provides to its members :

  1. Information on the forthcoming religious and cultural events of the Samaj
  2. Interacting with the Samaj office and also with other members of the Samaj through an unique password based secure communication system.
  3. If you wish other members of the Samaj to know of the Special occasions in your family such as births, upanayanam, engagement ceremonies, weddings, shastabdi etc.. and also special accomplishments of your children, spouse, yourselves or your parents in the areas of studies, service, business, sports, fine arts etc.., you can use our website to post your write-ups including photographs

This is only an indicative but not an exhaustive list. As we go along, many other possibilities will emerge. One thing is for sure, it will definitely improve the bonding between members of the GSB community without your having to resort to travelling over long distances which is an arduous task in Bangalore today.

I am aware that many of our members particularly the senior citizens may not be tech savvy and may not know how to use these facilities. I am happy to inform you that our GSS Charitable Foundation has been running free computer classes for senior citizens as well as others to enable them to learn this simple skill in a matter of weeks. I request all members to use these facilities and equip yourselves with this skill which is most essential these days.

I trust you would have gone through the contents of the website and noted the steady march of the Samaj in its 38 years of existence. On this occasion I salute the founders of the Samaj as well as the stalwarts who guided its destiny over the years. We can take pride in the fact that two of the initiatives of the Samaj viz. Co-Operative credit society started in 1997 and the charitable foundation started in 2008 have taken firm roots and will continue to play their significant part in meeting the credit/savings educational, training and social needs of the samaj in the years to come.

GSB community throughout its history has been a wandering tribe looking for greener pastures whenever the need arose right from its antiquated past from the banks of river Saraswathi through different places to its present prominent presence today in Mumbai, Bangalore and other metros of India and recently outside India, in the US, UK, Australia, Gulf countries etc.. In spite of such constant upheavals in habitat, there has been a conscious effort to preserve the customs, tradition, Konkani language, food habits and religious practices while at the same time playing a significant part in the local economy. This has been facilitated firstly by the institution of Kuladevatas, secondly by the numerous temples established from time to time and by the benign influence of our Maths viz. Kavale, Kashi and Gokarna Parthagali Maths, where over the years a succession of Swamijies have guided the march of the community in its religious affairs.

Todays youth has a very important role in keeping this tradition alive. I have no doubt in my mind that our youth today is quite capable and willing to undertake this task in which I wish them well.

I leave you for the present with these thoughts. Please do get in touch with me and let me know your considered views.

Yours in the service of the Samaj



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